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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Modern Sin

This blog post title says it all: "If thou shalt not covet, I'm going to hell." Yeah, me too.

I dragged my mom to the Sunset Magazine Celebration Weekend in Menlo Park last Sunday so we could tour the latest modern architectural prefab object of lust from the genius brain and heart of architect Michelle Kaufmann. It (the Breezehouse) was so much better than I had even dreamed.

Edited to add interior pictures link.

I've lusted after Ms. Kaufmann's first offering, the Glidehouse, ever since I read about its debut at last year's Celebration Weekend. I carried the article with me from Philadelphia to the Bay Area when I moved back here last year. As I drove around with my real estate agent looking for a home, I drove the poor man nuts as I would ask him to quickly stop in front of vacant lots as we drove around. Inevitably the empty lots would cost as much as buying a house. Plus, my agent couldn't understand my dream - he told me that he used to sell modular houses in the 60's and that he could hook me up if I really just wanted a modular home. I couldn't put into the right words that it wasn't just any modular house - it was this modular house.

Now that I've seen the Breezehouse I must have one. Someday. Someway. I don't know when, where or how - but I will.


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