8 years ago my sister suggested I find a way to publish the amusing emails I sent her about our dog Zoe. Now there is blogging! Zoe tales are about Zoe (3 1/2 lb Chihuahua), Gracie (bigger and the world's friendliest Chihuahua) and other stuff I am thinking about. Enjoy!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Still Blogging

Although I haven't posted in a shamefully long time it's not because I have blogger's block or have decided to quit blogging - it's just a very mundane case of life getting in the way. I'm engaging in activities that I've done before - but never all at the same time so it's sapping my time and energy in a whole new way.

I'm selling my house (but I sold it without having to show it so that mercifully saved me from spontaneous combustion like a drummer from Spinal Tap.)

I'm looking for a new place to live - but renting instead of buying. I'm moving up to Oakland which is an hour drive at best and much longer if I don't avoid the very long rush hour windows during the week. I've realized that buying is much easier than renting in that you only talk to your agent when buying and when renting you have to tell the same story over and over to a bunch of different people which can be draining. Plus, I've got special circumstances of being newly self-employed (no current employer, no tax returns from SE yet), not having been a renter for many years so no landlord references and having two dogs. And then there is all my picky requirements built up from years of being the boss of me at least when it comes to home amenities.

I'm preparing for a moving sale.

I'm doing all my own packing.

I'm trying to figure out if I should rent a truck & move stuff into storage, rent a "pod", hire movers (3 of my last 4 moves have been corporate - sweet, let me tell ya.)

So... I actually have lots to share with you. I've decided to stop looking for rentals until after I close so I can focus on packing, moving and having a garage sale so I should be around to blog more.

Hey - anyone know any good local movers (the only time I hired movers on my own I got the classic horror story rip off) or have any experience with "pod" type storage?


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