8 years ago my sister suggested I find a way to publish the amusing emails I sent her about our dog Zoe. Now there is blogging! Zoe tales are about Zoe (3 1/2 lb Chihuahua), Gracie (bigger and the world's friendliest Chihuahua) and other stuff I am thinking about. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Dancing With The Stars - Random Thoughts

Not a recap, just a couple of disconnected random thoughts...

Still fun but not as instantly addictive as when it appeared as a wonderful frothy summer re-run alternative.

Jerry Rice was wiggle-iscious unlike the new Jell-O commercials which, although I applaud their freshness, for some reason I find kind of hinky and they give me a little shudder.

Tia Carrere is perhaps the most naturally beautiful human I've ever seen. She used to come into the Beverly Hills Starbucks that I worked at during college and without makeup she was just stunning. It was fun to watch the guys in line behind her drool hopelessly. She was enough of a regular that she got a knowing "hey" when she ordered. Thus, one time a gentlemen asked me who she was (because he figured I knew her from the knowing "hey" not because he recognized her as the schwing! inducing babe from Wayne's World.) so that he could ask her out. I took a bit of schadenfreudey delight in letting him know that she was a married lady while secretly smirking that he had no idea just how out of his league he was.


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