8 years ago my sister suggested I find a way to publish the amusing emails I sent her about our dog Zoe. Now there is blogging! Zoe tales are about Zoe (3 1/2 lb Chihuahua), Gracie (bigger and the world's friendliest Chihuahua) and other stuff I am thinking about. Enjoy!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Comment Woes

Blogger is supposed to notify me when a comment is left here. The notices go to my gmail account for this blog. Blogger and gmail are owned and operated by Google. So you'd think these two would play nicely. But no.

If notice of the comment is sent to me, apparently the entire comment is eaten by my email and it doesn't appear on my blog. If I'm not notified of the comment then it shows up here. Thus you have a situation like today when Elisa left a comment on my Buffy Boyfriend post that arrived in my gmail box but didn't appear on the blog. So I look like a crazy person because the lone comment on that post is my response to her comment and it makes no sense!

To clarify, Elisa wrote "Oh yeah...would have pegged you for Spike all the way!! :)" , which is what I was responding to when I said yeah because of the punk rock vibe.

So, for now, advanced apologies if you leave a comment and it doesn't show. At least I'll get it (I think) and I greatly appreciate them. Same goes if you leave a comment crying out for a response (Anglea - it was Grandma Elsie) and I don't respond right away. I check the blog regularly and am therefore the single largest source of traffic and readership of my blog - traffic spikes from big-name bloggers who get coverage in Fast Company and the Wall Street Journal notwithstanding ;-)


Blogger ElisaC said...

but wag, when I look on your buffy Boyfriend post..I see only MY comment, not yours?

Something weird is happening, eh?

June 03, 2005 9:02 PM

Blogger Wag said...

Thank you! I figured it out now... there are 2 commenting mechanisms on the blog - the Blogger one and the Haloscan one that installed when I installed trackbacks - I just now noticed it. I found your comment on Blogger and my response was in Haloscan. Hmmmm... gotta figure out how to turn the Haloscan off...

June 03, 2005 9:26 PM

Anonymous Heather said...

I am so putting "big-name blogger" on my office door nameplate now. ; ) Whee!

June 22, 2005 6:09 PM

Blogger Wag said...

Right on Heather! You're a rockstar, dontcha know. Scoble who?

June 22, 2005 6:12 PM


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