8 years ago my sister suggested I find a way to publish the amusing emails I sent her about our dog Zoe. Now there is blogging! Zoe tales are about Zoe (3 1/2 lb Chihuahua), Gracie (bigger and the world's friendliest Chihuahua) and other stuff I am thinking about. Enjoy!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Puddin' Head Ducks

So I just started fiddlin' around with Picasa and uploaded the pictures below of my Puddin' Head ducks. Puddin' Head is the name that my friends Rob and Cheryl came up with for the cat that adopted them. Puddin' Head adopted them by just showing up to their new house when they moved to Arizona recently and staying. Having recently moved to San Jose myself, I've had assorted creatures come to my door to introduce themselves, and in some cases, walk on in to meet the dogs and check out the house. Thus, I adopted Puddin' Head as my generic name for such visitors.

In the past couple of weeks I've noticed this pair of ducks walking around my suburban neighborhood. I have no idea where they came from as there is no body of water nearby that I know of. They might be pets but I haven't seen any person interacting with them. However they came to live here - cool! And they came up to my door on Easter for a visit! Cici fed them some bread crumbs and they got so excited that one nipped her toe.

My next trick with Picasa will be to put up pictures of "the girls" Gracie and Zoe. Keep an eye out.


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